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NEWS from FM 2017.09.29

On 2017.09.13, just as I was about to enter our online shop
to launch our newest biggest NUI SPECIAL campaign,
I found I could not get in.
Temporarily down?  Or so I thought.
But it turned out to be six stagnant days.
And we were told by the site host that all our data, including backups,
were gone in their server breakdown.
A gigantic dark cloud!
Yes, but with silver lining:
kindness from embracing customers;
the uplifting feeling of building a blog from scratch
while waiting for our webmaster, my son, to jump in;
the joy of collaboration when he,
carrying his tons of load, eventually jumped in;
and above all, our fair-and-healthy online shop with a NEW LOOK.
Thank you, Moritz Yury Becker.
And THANK YOU ALL for your patience and oil.


無網之災 2017.9.29

人生無常,寫了10 年的 Fair-and-Healthy網頁,
《大幸1 》:網站主管阿敏在德的兒子在萬忙中,
《大幸2》 :公平貿易網友溫馨提示,原來有一些備份存於某方!
https://fleeting.me/about/  恭候光臨。

FM:) 阿敏

Fanny-Min Becker 阿敏 & Stephen Ma 阿文
Tai Po Sunday Farmers’ Market 《大埔農墟》
Photo credit: Hector Hinojosa (2011.05.11)

佢好用心 但願大家 買得開心 用得放心 🙂

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Facebook 粉絲 K.H. Tam 先生節節的鼓勵
農墟 粉絲 K. C. Yu 先生快而準的 feedback
Facebook 粉絲 A. Wong 小姐第一時間用 Smartphone 試店

Many Thanks to: Son for taking care of the frame.
Daughter for re-taking most photos.
Daughter overseeing social network marketing.
Facebook Fan Mr K. H. Tam for ever-present encouragement.
Farmers’ Market Fan Mr K. C. Yu for timely constructive feedback.
Facebook Fan Ms A. Wong for instant smartphone shop testing.
FM:) 2014.08.01