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暫時未能接受訂購表 請到 網店。
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本地速遞服務: 費用:港幣50元
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4 Comments to ‘Order Form 訂購表’

  1. Anna Cheung said,

    Good site for me.

  2. Fanny-Min Becker said,

    Glad you like it, dear Anna. Please come again.
    Hope you can find time to visit our MM Shop.
    Please click ‘Contact’

  3. Mr. Winsome Kwok said,

    Hi, I googled the NUI WILD HARVEST PURE VIRGIN COCONUT OIL from interent and am interested in it. I would like to try coconut oil to imrpove my daughter’s very dry skin problem ( will be used in Canada), so may I know do you have stock now and what is the expiry date for this product ? If okay, I would come to your shop a.s.a.p.. thks .. W

  4. Fanny-Min Becker said,

    Dear Winsome, so happy you are interested in our NUI WILD VCO. Yes, we have stock, both the 100-ml ones and the 440-ml ones. They are really fresh and expire in about two years, towards the end of 2014. Look forward to seeing you at MM Shop! FM:)