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Courtesy of Florence Tong 2006

(2006), a Fair Trade Project of FM International Resources Ltd, founding member of Fair Trade Hong Kong, brings you Fair Trade healthy foods with no artificial colouring or preservatives: wholesome snacks made from tropical fruits, juices, jams & preserves, green tea, black tea & herbal tea, pure cacao products as well as other miscellaneous organically grown or natural products such as rice, sea salt, low Glycemic Index (35) coconut sugar & related products, Mascobado cane sugar, herbs & spices, organic virgin coconut oil, and exquisite natural and organic skincare products,  all exclusive heart choices of sole proprietor, Fanny-Min Becker, a persevering fighter for fairness and eager sharer of goodies that come her way.

Fair-and-Healthy products are either fair trade labelled or produced by organisations practising Fair Trade, including among others, members of the International Fair Trade Organisation, WFTO.

Countries of origin,in order of appearance, include the Philippines, China, India, Sri Lanka, South Pacific Islands / Australia, Kenya, Peru, & Hong Kong. Each Fair-and-Healthy item you consume will be bringing a slice of better living to farmers and workers of less privileged lands.