Poems Saved 漏網魚 (i)

Thought all poems were gone in the collapse, but
here is one that was saved.  More to come …

Photo credit: Florence Tong (2006.09.09)

Natural Testing
In olden days
In days with
No colouring
No preservatives
No expiry dates
No instructions to fridge (no fridge anyway)

We used our eyes
We used our nose
We used our tongue
We used our fingers

As Health Freak Stephen always says:
Treat all foods with a question mark!
All labels are for reference.
I used to (secretly) laugh at him.
Gradually I’ve learnt to appreciate his wisdom.

Natural foods are living foods.
They do get mouldy and rotten.
Not like the US white onion I once bought:
did not germinate, did not rot either!

Do remember to use your natural testing tools!


FM, 2006.06.17. Tin Liu, Sai Kung, HK

Old Site NEW START 舊網頁 新開始

All data corrupted: backup and all
Thanks to dearest son Monmon for moving sites to new host
Chance for a new start: so here we go
Lo Lo Lo!  Ho Ho Ho!
2007 年開始的網頁從主機消失了
謝謝 小兒子 為網頁 覓新址
謝謝 粉絲加油  謝謝 訪客等候
舊網頁 新開始