Cacao + Coco Nectar = Healthy Choco & More

Have you ever dreamt?
Have you ever dreamt with eyes open?
Have you ever dreamt with eyes open
& see your dreams come true?

I have.

I always dream.
I always dream with eyes open.
I always dream with eyes open
& see my dreams come true.

I guess

So does Ernesto Pantua Junior of Kablon Farms.
This is what he emailed me tonight:
‘Thanks for dreaming with us.’

And this is his late father’s dream coming true:

Pure Tablea
can become … 
Cacao Tablets for drinking and eating

Come share our dream now testing, testing to come true:

70% Pure Cacao + 30% Coconut Nectar
= Healthy Dark Chocolate
For drinking and eating!


Come to Dream Testing on our Market Day:
Sunday Farmers’ Market


P.S. 2013.01.20
With 20 – 50 % Cacao Butter in each tablet
Tableas can be used for making masks

2014.03.24 Cacao Mask_GFM’s ‘mask image’ product of PAINT  😉